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By June Ramli

I’d be honest, this column is getting hard to write, that is because I am at the hard stage at the moment aka marketing and conducting sales on my products is not as smooth sailing as it should be.
I still haven’t found a suitable place to onboard my skincare and hair care products as yet. But now I have a new set of products that I would like to introduce to you all which is my very own plush toy line that was inspired by a picture book I wrote last year about the existence of aliens.
If you’d like a backstory on why I created a picture book about aliens, well it is all thanks to my previous co-worker who sent me a doodle in which he drew me a spacecraft. Can you believe it or not, the idea of my latest picture “My Secret Alien Friend” was inspired by that doodle. So, thank you, Matt.
March has been a great month in terms of where I want to take my brand to the next level. 
I went for multiple courses online to learn a thing or two about branding and marketing so now I have a better idea of what to do next.
The campaigns have given me a better understanding of how I’d like to move forward with my product. 
In the first week of March, I attended two back to back webinars organised by the Made in Australia campaign which has an Ausmade and Alipay local store that specifically targets the Chinese market here in Australia. I am still trying to figure out how this works so I will update you more on this in the next column. Somehow the lady I was liaising on this has had her email disconnected since the last time I communicate with her two weeks ago so I am waiting on getting her new email address.
Next, I gatecrashed a webinar on the benefits of having a paid membership on an American website that is just like LinkedIn but is meant specifically for retailers or product owners such as myself.
Apparently with COVID-19 still high on the agenda, having a paid membership with this particular website has its benefits because companies no longer want to go to physical exhibitions to exhibit or look for new products etc that they eventually onboard onto their respective stores. 
I have yet to buy the paid membership, just doing some more research before I do so. Next, I got an Advertising Discovery Call from one of the social media outlets on which I have had my products on via a salesperson on Google Meet.
Yes, I saw the lady that I would potentially be working with on a face to face basis. She wants money for me though for a 30-day advertising campaign which she said won’t generate any sales but instead get more people visiting my websites.
I was like hmm. So, I told the advertising lady that I would circle back to her but now I don’t know.
I was quite unimpressed with her because despite her making the initiative to make a discovery call with me which was very good she made the mistake of not finding out more about me or my product enough. The first thing that she asked when we met online was my name. I think that was very unprofessional. If you want to do business with someone please find out everything about them before you meet them, don’t walk into the meeting virtually and then ask them about their name.
That is just so unprofessional. By the way, you can find my name and other details on the website here. There is also a small bio on why I started this marketplace.
Anyway, that is all from me today. Till then, be awesome!

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