By June Ramli

Never underestimate the power of cold emails. At least that was what I learned in one of my previous journalism jobs. Not too long ago I was attached with a technology company and the proprietor who also happened to be the editor of the website had presented me with a list of companies that he wanted me to get in touch with via cold emails.
He wanted me to reach out to these companies as a way of servicing their accounts better since they were all existing advertisers with his company. To my surprise, these cold emails actually worked as people would often respond to them with good tidings, some even sent me freebies like tech gadgets for me to review and eventually keep.
With that in mind and basically nothing to lose, I decided to take the same approach recently with my brands LazyBumSkincareBlitz Hair Oil Spray and even YayaEzzy plushies by sending out several cold pitches to various retailers in Australia in order to get my stuff onboard onto their retail premises.
I decided on this approach because when you partner with the big boys, for example, the folks like Walmart, people would be more likely to try or buy your product rather from your own existing website.
It is good to have a website to use as a landing page but for any real sales to take place, I believe that partnering with a more established retailer would be the best way to go especially for newer brands.
But due to the long Anzac Day weekend, I expect the replies to my emails to trickle in from tomorrow onwards.
Let’s see if they will respond to a small fry like me.
I have another approach that I am looking into as well but as this is still a work in progress, I’ve decided on revealing it as soon as I am done and dusted with the process.
So, that is all from me today, till my next update, be good!

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