By June Ramli

The whole of last week, I had been busy working on my other website, – a sister website to
If you are wondering what Tapiroo is all about, it is a marketplace that I am building from scratch that would help buyers discover the next COKE.
Taprioo was born out of frustration after I couldn’t get into the likes of more established marketplaces like Australia’s Iconic, Sephora and Mecca to trade my beauty products and Blitz Hair Spray Oil.
To those of you who have been following this column diligently, some of you would remember early on that I had approached the likes of Iconic, Sephora and Mecca and guess what I still haven’t received any responses from any of these marketplaces to date.
Not even a rejection email. So this was the frustration that got me to start working on Tapiroo and solving this pain point for entrepreneurs who may have interesting ideas, and products but not necessarily the right marketplace to trade-in.
For these entrepreneurs who fall under these cracks, your best bet is to trade with
How is this website different from the likes of Amazon, Etsy and also eBay, well for one they are not as expensive to get in and it wouldn’t be an overcrowded marketplace where people have a hard time finding your product offering.
I reckoned I was probably sidelined by the likes of Iconic, Sephora or Mecca because I am a relatively unknown entrepreneur whom many don’t know of as yet.
So, the rejection gave me the vigour to want to start a new marketplace to cater for entrepreneurs with great ideas and products but not necessarily have the right support when it comes to commercial outreach – in short entrepreneurs like me.
Who knows right? This marketplace might be responsible for discovering the next Coca-Cola (Coke) and so on and so forth.
We are not accepting sex toys and medical products due to various complications in onboarding such products but everything would be a ‘yes’ from us.
At the moment, we have created a placeholder website with some of my products and my friend’s products but the real website would only start after we get at least 50 newbie entrepreneurs to join in our crusade.
In other related news, I am also happy to report that we have joined a competition in the US to validate the idea behind to the rest of the world.
So far, we have been getting a lot of feedback from entrepreneurs alike in the US and some really do like what we are building with
This tournament has been the best thing that has happened to us in the last few months.
As for LazyBumSkincare, Blitz and the YayaEzzy plush toys, we are currently redoing the product catalogue to be sent to some potential buyers and hopefully have some good news to report to all of you in the coming weeks.
Till my next update, be good.

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