By June Ramli

Last week, was a rather interesting week as far as my entrepreneurship journey was concerned. I finally completed the production of a catalogue featuring all my products mashed into one single document and sent them off to a German retailer. Now that that document has been sent over to them, I have to wait and see what my chances are with them. If I do get in, you will be the first to know.
Besides, the German retailer, I also emailed a product sheet featuring only my plush toys to another giant retailer in Australia.
Just like the German retailer, this storefront has quite a sizeable number of toy selections and so getting into their storefront would be good for my brand.
Also, last week, I made contact or rather a UK retailer had contacted me on a possible partnership.
I would love to elaborate more but I’ve decided to do something better, like interview the boss of this company and come up with a whole new article on how to onboard your products with them. They have come up with a very simple idea on how to help early-stage entrepreneurs like myself.
So far, I have omitted all the names of the companies that I am working with for fear of the evil eye. Once things have more shape and form, I will endeavour to reveal more details and perhaps even help you with some leads on how to get in. For now, since everything is still up in the air, I will have to talk in codes like this.
I’d also like to supply to Kiwi retailers although I have no idea where to start. Perhaps, this is a good enough reason for me to make a trip to New Zealand soon. I’ve been interviewing all these Kiwi entrepreneurs on’s podcasting series and guess what, I’ve never been to New Zealand.
Entrepreneurs there tell me things are much easier and fast-moving as there isn’t much red tape there as compared to Australia.
I did make contact with Pure New Zealand just hours ago for a possible travel write-up, I am just hoping that they will reply to the email and offer me a junket trip as well. God knows I can use the trip to produce fresh content for‘s travel section as well as look for new partnerships with Kiwi retailers. I’ve been bootstrapping so much by bringing all my ideas to life that a media junket trip to New Zealand would be just what I need to take my business to the next level.
I know they do give out junket trips, as my former colleague from the New Straits Times who runs a travel blog on her own managed to score one to the island pre-COVID days. She went over for a few weeks and had the time of her life and is now back in Malaysia. I remember her telling me that some tourism board from the island funded her entire trip to New Zealand and she didn’t even have to pay a single cent for it in return for several media coverage on her personal blog.
Here is hoping that the folks in New Zealand read this and make my dreams come true too.
Till my next update, be good.

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