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By June Ramli

For the past few days, I have been working on two possible leads in getting my brands sold in a major supermarket chain in Australia and something is definitely brewing in that space.
I got a rather unexpected call from the big boss of a supermarket chain in Australia this week enquiring about my products.
With scammers on the rise in Australia, I normally do not pick up unknown numbers but I don’t know why this time I decided to pick this call up and I am thanking my lucky stars that I did just that.
When I picked up the call, there was a man on the other end of the line introducing himself as Mr S and telling me that he was looking for Julie.
I immediately told him that I wasn’t her but instead of ending the call then and there, he proceeded to explain himself further, telling me that he was looking for Julie as she had products that she wanted to introduce to the supermarket he was representing.
And that was when it struck me, that this wasn’t a scam call at all and so I obliged and told him that my name wasn’t Julie but June, like the month. 
I can’t remember what he said after that because I was shocked that he had even called me in the first place.
We spoke for a few minutes on the phone with me rattling away and by the time the call had ended he had given me his email address and requested that I send him a copy of my product catalogue, which I did.
As soon as I completed the task, I went on LinkedIn and checked him out, and to my surprise found him to be pretty high on the company’s chain of bosses. 
I really hope something positive comes out of this interaction. I really do. 
Next, I have approached a Sydney-based firm for investment for several of my startups.
They rejected my first pitch but instead of feeling disappointed, I decided to bombard them with another three more pitches.
I am waiting to see what the outcome of that pitch is before I send them another three more. LOL.  
Finally, my other startup,, a marketplace which I device for entrepreneurs with products and services but not necessarily having the right marketplace to go to and support them in terms of sales has gained some traction in a positive way.
I have been upvoted six times by my peers who are other startup founders in the Oceania region, in a startup competition I joined a few weeks back. 
Once again, all names have been omitted as everything is still under work in progress. I will probably reveal the names when things take up a more concrete form. 
Till my next update, be awesome!  Editor’s Note: You can now download our app on the Google Play Store or the Apple Store, or write your next best-selling novel with our sister app Toolis, available on the Apple Store and Google Play Store or purchase something from us at, or at Also, check out our rate card and media kit here if you would like to advertise with us on this website. Thank you!

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