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By June Ramli

Last week, was a rather crazy week as I have been fire-fighting with Amazon to get my products listed on their website under their FBA program.
It is not exactly easy to list on Amazon. Ever since I wanted to list my toys and my beauty products, all listings have been suppressed to date due to a variety of issues.
First up, did you know that if you want to list your products there, Amazon would require you to send them your invoice?
This means that they can see how much you purchased your items for and also the invoice must be within 180 days within the purchase date.
I tried asking them the reason why they wanted to see the invoice and they never really gave me a straight answer only to say if I did not give them an invoice I won’t be able to trade with them.
So, I relented and gave in.
Unfortunately, after giving them all the information, I received a reply saying that I won’t be able to trade with them.
But I still haven’t given up and I am still talking to them and we are still looking for other ways to get my products in but if you have a private label, know that it is not that straightforward to get in.
Even before getting into Amazon, I’ve already spent a couple of hundred dollars.
I got a freelancer on Fiverr and gave her some money to write out some listings, pre-ordered some stuff from the manufacturer so that my invoice would be up-to-date and would also have to pay for a forwarder to get my products into the Amazon warehouse. 
It has been ridiculous, but I am still forging through to see if I can make this into a legitimate side hustle. 
I am willing to give it ago, right until I get my products into the Amazon warehouse.
So watch this space.
What else? I am also looking at working really hard to get my products into Big W.
Apparently, I have just missed their deadline, in terms of onboarding my products there and the next one opens up in September.
If I do get in, I would probably be trading at their new outlet at Sydney’s Town Hall. So watch this space as well.
With all these challenges, you might ask, why am I still forging ahead? Well, that is because I want to show you how hard entrepreneurship is.
If you ask me, your dead-end job is way better than this.
Don’t try entrepreneurship unless you like solving problems and facing challenges all the time.
For now, I really hope I can get a start on my Amazon FBA program soon.
Till my next update, be good.   

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