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By June Ramli

Last week, I attended a virtual seminar organised by Amazon to help Malaysian sellers onboard their website and sell to the globe from the comforts of their homes in Malaysia.
It was an interesting hour-long seminar that was held on Zoom.
I found out about the seminar by chance while I was scrolling mindlessly through Facebook.
So, if you are based in Malaysia and you are interested to sell on Amazon, here are the details that you need to know:

Next, I’d like to speak about my own journey in selling on the platform. It is so hard that I really want to cry. 
After sending the shipment to the warehouse recently, I have received rather two scary emails from the Amazon warehouse that they have issues with two of my seven products.
Sigh. Now what? 
I am resolving it internally with my account manager and through a variety of emails to Amazon but in short, there are still a lot of issues just going on when the inbounding of my products.
What frustrates me with all these issues is that I can not move on to the next stage which is to concentrate on selling the goods to the masses until I resolve all these issues with the warehouse.
Till my next update, be good. 

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