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Sydney, Sept 11: It has been another busy week for me.
I am still firefighting with Amazon with a myriad of issues with matters in regards to onboarding my products onto their warehouse that too even after sending the products to their warehouse but I am taking it in my stride solving them one by one.
Some issues have ended but there are two more issues that need my immediate attention.
Once this is solved my next go-to action with my Amazon business would be to open up subsequent accounts with Amazon in the US and Singapore.

The pitching session that I had been busy with for the last few weeks.

Like I said in my earlier columns, getting started on Amazon is really hard and there is no wonder why there are tons of people just having side hustles helping people to set themselves up on Amazon.
Besides, this week, I was busy with my three-minute elevator pitch on my other website and my DJ training with Your Shot.
Now that is over, I can now go back to working on my Amazon business full-time.
Right now, I am still in the process of tying all the loose ends but the good news is that I have finally completed the infographics on products which I had been procrastinating on for oh so long.
Until my next update, be well.

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