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As a news website that was born out of the love of entrepreneurship and for the love of work as we also feature a sizeable number of career related stories.
Being a website that loves and breathes entrepreneurship, instead of always writing about the success of other entrepreneurs, we decided to dabble in entrepreneurship ourselves by creating several bespoke brands on our own and writing about their journey  first hand here on this site. Allow me to take and introduce all the brands that we have created on a bespoke basis. First up we have: 

LazyBum Skincare Lazze One and Lazze Two For Normal Skin and Daily Facial Routine

LazyBum Skincare is designed specifically for the time-poor individuals who have a hard time keeping up with their skincare routine because let’s face it most products out there come equipped with a complicated routine. But not ours. Our range of skincare promises to give our users basic care to anyone who wants a simple skincare routine that fits their busy lifestyle. We have two products on offer which is Lazze One- a foaming facial wash and Lazze Two – a toner and liquid moisturiser. It is recommended that you use both products in tandem. EASY TO USE: The LazyBum Skincare Facial Cleanser – Lazze One seen here is best paired with LazyBum Skincare’s Lazze Two – a 2-in-1 Toner and Moisturiser. Our products are easy to use. Two steps of care and you are done. First, all you need to do is cleanse your face with the facial cleanser (Lazze One) followed by the toner and moisturiser (Lazze Two). Remember to let the toner set for five minutes before putting your makeup on. RESULTS IN SIX WEEKS: Using the LazyBum Skincare line Lazze One and Lazze Two constantly for six weeks would give you glowing skin in no time! BENEFICIAL FOR YOUR SKIN: At present, our products work well on those with normal skin. And if you get lazy to keep up with the routine, fret not, as we understand that life can sometimes get busy and slapping on skincare just before you go to bed might not necessarily be the priority, for these groups of people, our products are designed just for you. You can just pick up from where you left and you will have great-looking skincare back in no time. Our skincare products are 100 per cent Australian-made.

Product Link here and here.

Blitz Hair Oil Spray Formula of Hydration and Shine Therapy All Types of Hair, Promotes Scalp Health

Blitz Hair Oil Spray takes after the humble coconut oil that is used in most Southeast Asian households. This product is best used on dried hair. Just spray some of the oil throughout your head and combine it with a gentle massage. Constant usage of this hair oil makes your hair become smooth and silky in no time. Wait no longer and get yours today!

Product link here.

Cute Handmade Xeno Backpack For Pets, For Travel and Pet Food With Removable Plush Toy Backpack, 23 cm

Handmade to perfection. This handmade Xeno backpack for your beloved fur-baby would be sure to bring joy and comfort to your pets every time! This bag comes with dual functionality which is to act as a carry-on and also a plushie. The exterior of the backpack is made of high-quality velvety material, giving it a soft and smooth touch. The bag is also not easily deformed after a wash.

Product link here

Cute Handmade Tante Plush Toys For Pets, 23 cm

Cute Handmade Ezzy Plush Toys For Pets, 23 cm

These handmade cute Ezzy plush toys are perfect for your beloved pets! The exterior is handmade of high-quality cotton, giving the doll a soft and smooth touch and it is also not easily deformed. These Ezzy plushies are of high quality, durable and will not tear easily. The doll’s clothes can be removed and washed at any time. The Ezzy plush toy is ideal for all sorts of settings. Ezzy plushies are made for easy carrying or snuggling and are perfect to be used for any sort of activity be it indoors or outdoors. Safe and easy to wash: Ezzy plushie stuffed toys for your beloved pets are also easy to wash. It is 23 cm in height and is light enough to be carried around by your beloved pets.

Cute Handmade Yaya Plush Toys for Pets, 23 cm

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