First the good news, our brand recently was awarded with a grant for export purposes but the bad news is that I will only get money next year and that too after I have spent twice the amount that I was originally handed via the grant.
Although I should be elated that I have received the grant, I am really not, which is why I wasn’t fussed about the news when I first got wind that it had been approved in July.
I would have preferred that the grant be given to me straight ahead so that I can put that money to good use right away which is mostly for marketing purposes.
I also attended the Amazon Seller Summit on Aug 8 at the ICCC in Sydney.
It was the same day that Google had a workshop on Google Ads.
I completely missed that and didn’t realize that the event was going to be on the same day that the Amazon event was held.
Had I known, I wouldn’t have attended the Amazon event because it was the same drill as what happened last year.
They were trying to entice new sellers who believe that they could make a billion dollars selling on Amazon.
This was what Natalie Cook, former Australian Olympian had got when she asked a room full of new sellers what they aimed to make from their Amazon selling journey and quite a number of sellers stood up and said billions of dollars.
An Amazon staffer sitting me at the event who was also as skeptical as me said that there are going to be a lot of coupons.
I met my old account manager Ingrid Williams who promised to get me in touch with an advertising specialist and someone who can help me manage my account health but I still haven’t heard back from here to date.
Another person that I am waiting to hear back from is TikTok, they were supposed to call me and guide me on how to advertise on the platform.
I also met an Amazon third party company that manages Amazon accounts for those in the blur but he wants about $30,000 a month and the lowest he was willing to go was $3k per month.
I said and no and we parted ways but he gave me a few free resources to check on.
He told me that these were they same resources that he had used as well.
That was nice of him.
His name was Tim of Machete Systems.
I also met the representative of Shopline at their WeWork office in the city.
They want to get me onboard my ecommerce store onto their platform but there are several obstacles that need to be addressed first before I can move over.
I also don’t like the fact that they will withheld your money in their accounts untl you reach a certain threshold before the money can be transferred over to you account.
On top of paying a monthly fee on their platform they also take a certain amount of percentage from your sales.
But I am still discussing with them to see how we can make things work because the software does have some feature that I like to embrace.
They also send me back with a heap of merchandise after I left the meeting, even though I didn’t sign up with them yet and that was something I kind of liked too.
So, we will see in the next few days if I can make the transition or not.
Oh and finally, I am waiting for some new product images to come from the Australian Made Campaign in Melbourne.
A few months ago one of their staff members had approached me to send over my products to them in Melbourne for a photo shoot.
But I found out that the shoot is only slated to be done on Aug 30 and can’t wait to see how they turn out.
Perhaps I can use some of the pictures for my Amazon account.
Can’t wait.

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