By June Ramli

Last week was an interesting week. I went to the Sydney Royal National Park to take some much-needed photos of my products LazyBum Skincare and Blitz Hair Oil Spray around the bush.
Also, it has been an interesting week as I didn’t do much work but the universe did it for me instead.
Okay, let’s first talk about the email that I received from the Americans ( I presume). That email didn’t look dodgy but what seemed dodgy was that the funding request came to my private Gmail account, something that had surprised me as I normally don’t share that email account whenever I speak about this brand openly.
The email that is always associated with LazyBum Skincare and Blitz Hair Oil Spray is the one that is perched with this website which is
Despite that, I was surprised that it landed straight into my inbox and not into the spam section.
I took the liberty to reply and the response to that email was rather long and encouraging. It is a company that helps entrepreneurs get funding.
Think Tinder and Bumble where you get matched with potential suitors but this website does that too but for entrepreneurs and potential funders. I haven’t had the chance to look into the contents of the email deeply to find out if it is a hoax or a legitimate site willing to help me fund my ideas but I plan to look into the contents of the emails further once I have time.
Who knows right it might just be what I need or if not, it would make good writing for this column in the coming weeks.
Next, I received another cold email from a gentleman by the name of Chris Lu. He sent the email to the correct address and had invited me to attend a webinar on how to onboard my products to China. I did not attend the session as it had slipped my mind but there was a follow-up email with the Zoom recording sent to my inbox. I watched the recording this morning and thankfully everything turned out to be legitimate.
Also, last week, the Coles category manager in Melbourne accepted my LinkedIn invite request, although she didn’t reply to my note. The rest have not responded favourably. I guess they haven’t checked their LinkedIn accounts yet.
What I am gonna do next is probably wait for another week before I send them a follow-up note. The rule of thumb is always to wait within the 8 to 10-day mark but with all the holidays in between, I am going to give it two weeks.
Till my next update.

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