It has been seven months since we started this website on a whim. In that time too, I have also been working on a brand. What brand you may ask?  
Well, a skincare line to be exact. Yes, you read that right. 
Some might think, why skincare? Isn’t that an oversaturated market for a new entrepreneur? 
But I thought why not? If you know me, you’ll know that I am NOT the kind of person who takes care of her skin. 
In fact, I am a super lazy person when it comes to maintaining any skincare routine. 
So, late last year, I had an epiphany as they would call it to create a line that caters for people like me.  
Thus the LAZY BUM SKINCARE line was born. 
I must confess that I would sometimes go on days on end with no skincare routine in place – only managing with a dash of moisturiser on my face when it gets dry or when I feel guilty for not doing enough for my skin. 
But then again, the habit never stuck. I’ve never ever had a skincare routine or a brand that I have used consistently since I was a teen. 
I also did a small survey and found that I was not alone, there were others just like me. 
I found that they too were too lazy to go through the motions of putting on skincare consistently on their faces.
That was when I had an ‘aha’ moment, that was to create a skincare line that would cater for people like me, the LAZY BUMS (when it comes to skincare routine of course) of the world.  
It has been a wild couple of months literary of me trying to get this project off the ground and I am happy to say that my dream of creating a line has finally come to fruition.
Also, this had got me thinking, wouldn’t it be nice for me to document the processes of starting a skincare line here from start to finish as a case study for the benefit of the readers who visit this site. 
After all, this is an entrepreneurship and career based website and I thought I’d start by imparting my own knowledge or journey here for all you wonderful readers to comprehend. 
My skincare line is called – Lazy Bum Skincare with a tagline “Skincare For The Time- Poor.” 
It is literary a two-step skincare line that helps you look after your face no matter how lazy you are. 
The first product is a facial cleanser which you can use in the shower. While you rinse your body, you will take that time to use the facial cleanser to clean your face.  
Once you are done in the shower, head to the sink and grab our toner and moisturiser (2 in 1) and spray that to your (dry) face. 
With this product, the concentration tends to get a little sticky if too much is applied and so it is recommended that you dab it bit by bit until you get great coverage around your face. 
Once that is done, voila! You are good to go. Repeat this process constantly for six weeks and watch your skin shine. 
At the moment, I’ve only developed a line for those with normal skin and would look at developing a more complex range as time goes by. 
As the saying goes: “START SMALL” and so that is what I am doing now.  
So, join me in this weekly column that I’ve just created to teach you how to start a business in a foreign land and I look forward to serving you with great insights on building a brand from scratch here.

Listen to this podcast on how to start a skincare line.

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