By June Ramli

Sydney, Nov 26: We have finally launched our marketplace that features a range of products you can purchase.
If you like what you read, consider buying some stuff from our marketplace as a way of supporting us.
Our highlights include a range of products that we have under our bespoke branding known as YayaEzzy by yours truly.
The YayaEzzy range was created by yours truly just a few weeks after my stint at the Daily Mail.
After my employment there, all I wanted to do was to create some original content and that was when I came up with a set of characters and wrote a picture book the following year base on those characters.
In 2018, I took time off to work on my my first picture book titled: “Yaya, Ezzy and Tante June’s trip to the Shops.”
It is a book that teaches kids about the ABCs of financial literacy.
The book is self-published and is available for purchase online.
I also travelled to Europe that year and took multiple mini holidays within Australia which also included a road trip to Byron Bay with two gal pals. Thinking back, 2018 was a pretty awesome year.
I also took another year-long sabbatical after my short stint at Microsoft ended – as I was one of the many news editors that were replaced by robots. Read my commentary on the matter here.
My former colleagues have all moved on to new work while I work on multiple things hoping that one of these ventures would make me all the money in the world.
I have since written a novel, crafted three picture books and started many mini ventures including this website.
Amongst them is the creation of the YayaEzzy merchandise using my very own cartoon designs.
You can buy swimwear, backpacks and even underwear with my cartoon designs on them.
I have also added a new character to the mix, an alien child named Xeno.
He comes in purple and orange variants and is inspired from my picture book “My Secret Alien Friend.”
If you’d like to check out the whole range of designs that I have, you can do so here.
And just for Black Friday (Nov 26), we would be offering a total of 20 per cent discount on all purchases.
If you are keen to grab something from the website, do use our BLACKFRIDAY code while you are checking out to enjoy these discounts from us.
It would be available until Nov 29 a.k.a Cyber Monday.
I hope you can support us on our journey to greatness by purchasing a thing or two from our website.
If you do have any questions or problems while checking out, please email us at or just hit the chat button for immediate support.

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