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LazyBum Skincare

Skincare for the time-poor!

LazyBum Skincare is a Unisex product that can be used by both males and females. We’ve got you covered if you have a hard time keeping up with your skincare routine. Our skincare line is simple to use and would give you amazing results upon constant application. It comes in two variants Lazze One and Lazze Two. 

LazyBum Skincare Facial Cleanser - Lazze One

LazyBum Facial Cleanser

Why LazyBum Skincare?

LazyBum Skincare products are designed for time-poor individuals who have a hard time keeping up with their skincare routine because let’s face it most skincare products out there come equipped with a complicated routine. Where else our product gives one basic care for anyone who wants a clean face. We have two products that needs to go in tandem and they are  Lazze One- a foaming wash and Lazze Two – a toner and liquid moisturiser

Easy Peasy

Our products are easy to use. Two-steps of care and you are done. First you slap the facial cleanser onto your face while in the bath or shower followed by the toner and moisturiser just before you head out of the bathroom. Remember to let it rest for two minutes before putting your make-up on. The choice is yours!

Great Results

Using the LazyBum Skincare line constantly for six weeks would give you glowing skin in no time. Try it and let us know by sending us testimonials at

Skin Types

At the moment our products work well on those with normal skin. We do have aspirations to create a line for those with sensitive skin in due course. So, watch this space!



"It really saves me time and effort. LazyBum Skincare is exactly what I've been looking for." - Tymon E.


"Nice work on your LazyBum Skincare line. It's exactly what I've been looking for." - Rinaldo H.


"LazyBum Skincare has completely surpassed our expectations. Thanks for a great product range." - Natalia P.

Toner and Moisturiser

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