Write Picture Books On the Go With Lookis!

Ever wanted to write a picture book but just didn’t know where or how to start? Well, you are in luck as we have got you covered!
Enter Lookis to the rescue. Lookis or lukis which means draw in the Malay language aims to help – the wonderful readers of this website to craft your next best selling children’s book.
We get it, guys, novels are really hard to write, so let’s start with something smaller – a picture book. But hey, if it is a novel that you want to write, then we’ve got just the app for you as well- named Toolis or tulis which means write in the Malay language – this app is already live and downloadable on the Apple store or the Google store. Check them out!
Now back to Lookis – picture books or children’s books are a great way to start one’s journey to becoming a writer. Though picture books are not easy to produce, it is an absolute joy to create them.

So, why not start the process by creating a dummy for the book with this six step guide that would get you a fully workable book in no time. And the steps are as followed:

Step 1

Think of an issue or a lesson you want to teach

Step 2

The age group

Step 3


Must have ability to draw and colour on this page. 

Step 4

The problem. 

There needs to be three tries before the problem gets solved.

Step 5

The dummy. This is where the fun starts when you start designing the dummy of your first picture book. It needs to be either 24 or 36 pages. This section does not include the cover page, copyright, dedication, about the author and synopsis page.

Step 6

Yay! You are finally done and dusted with your picture book dummy! You now have a fully workable picture book ready to either be self or traditionally published. It is up to you on how you’ll like to take on your project from here on. This app is being created by the founder of this website and is in its final stages of being launched on the Apple and Google Play Store. So stay tuned.

Editor’s Note: You can now download our app on the Google Play Store or the Apple Store, or write your next best selling novel with our sister app Toolis, available on the Apple Store and Google Play Store or purchase something from us at www.tapiroo.com, yayaezzy.com or at lazybumskincare.com.au. Also, check out our rate card and media kit here. Thank you!

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