Write Picture Books On the Go!

We get it, novels are really hard to write, so let’s start with something small, let’s start with picture books. Picture  books  or children’s books are a great way to  start  your  journey of becoming a writer. Picture books are easy to write  and absolutely   a joy  to create. Why don’t  you start the process by creating  a  dummy  for  the book  with  this  six step process that  would get  you a fully workable book in no time.


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Steps to use our app!

Step 1

Think of an issue or a lesson you want to teach

Step 2

Select your age group

Step 3

Start making your characters

Step 4

The problem: There needs to be three ties before the problem gets solved.

Step 5

The dummy: This is where the fun starts when you start designing the dummy  of  your first  picture  book.
It needs to be either 24 or 36 pages. P/S This doesn’t include the Cover page, Copyright, Dedication, About the Author and Synopsis.

Step 6

Yay! You are finally done and dusted with your dummy! You know have a fully workable picture book ready to either be self or traditionally published. It is up to you on how you’ll like to take on your project from here.

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