Our next seller is Bazilah Ainstone. Bazilah is a Malaysian fashion designer based in Munich, Germany. In her spare time, this doting mum of two loves to cook and run after her kids.

This is her story:

1) Tell us about yourself?

I graduated from University of Teknologi Mara with a Diploma of Art & Design, majoring in Fashion Design in 2009. I went to work straight after at a local tailoring boutique in Kuala Lumpur as a seamstress for six months and was made an assistant pattern maker for two years. In between my full-time job, I was freelancing as a graphic designer such as prints for textile, T-shirts, Business cards, logo and bridal wear.
I basically work on whatever opportunity thrown at me just so I can comfortably pay bills on time and have a little extra for family and to travel.
In 2012, I started to become a full time freelancer and worked on almost everything that was related to designing, tailoring and started to find my way into film production such as costume making and styling.

2) How long have you been designing?

Since 2010, on and off for almost 10 years.

3) Some of your accomplishments, as in shows you have worked for in the past?

I was the costume maker for the Malaysian film Vikingdom (directed by KRU, a Malaysian legendary boy-band). I assisted in costume design and styling for Malaysia’s WEF performance in Davos, Switzerland in 2014 and as a costume maker and seamstress for children’s show High 5 in 2015.

4) What sort of designs do you have?

My major is in fashion designs, I illustrate fashion figures digitally or free hand drawings and my pattern design is mostly leaning towards modern abstract.

5) Are you open for commissions?

Only for small and short projects, as I’m still working on managing my time with all the chores I have as a full-time mum.

6) What are some of your price ranges, if you are open for commission?

It depends on the work, of how much research I have to do, how much idea I need to develop, how or in what platform the designs will be used.

7) What inspires you?

Nature, the colours and their individual textures and personality.

8) What was some of the inspiration behind this collection?

I was looking at the art of tenun (Malaysian art of weaving.)

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