Finally some shameless plug for me, the writer of this article – Sydney based June Ramli. I have been an on and off designer for 12 years now although I have never made an actual living from it, it was always the journalism work that paid my bills.
But I’ve created a few notable projects such as infusing Batik with lingerie under the brand name known as ‘June Saira Lingerie’, two picture books, ‘Yaya, Ezzy and Tante June’s trip to the Shops,’ and ‘My Secret Alien Friend‘ and my latest offering is my debut novel titled ‘Daily Straits.’
I have also created a range of merchandise based on my picture books characters, ‘Yaya and Ezzy,’ under this label Yayaezzy.
I’ve got other products that I plan to release as the year progresses and will reveal them in due course.
Well, that is it, most of us are here creative solopreneurs and as such we hope that you can really support us in any way that you can.

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