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Journalist Jane Ismail has just been fired from her job at the Daily Straits for a story she edited.
Her firing comes days after catching her married boss sharing a passionate make out session with a colleague in the hallway after a late-night shift.
It’s a tricky situation, because her boss is also her childhood friend’s husband.
Could Jane’s firing be connected to her boss’s midnight tryst?
There was no way she could find out as the decision of the end of her employment had been finalised – and there was nothing she could do to get her job back!
But instead of jumping straight into another gig, Jane decides to take a trip of a lifetime back to her father’s homeland.
At the lowest point in her life and with only one backpack, Jane returns to Malaysia.
There, she manages to reconnect with her father’s sister and discovers a long lost family secret of using sorcery to assist them in their daily lives.
Would Jane be able to get her job back at the Daily Straits?
Or work in her dream city of New York?
Let’s go on an adventure with Jane to find out what she needs to do in order to get her high-flying life back to when she was a journalist for the Daily Straits.


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