Xeno Backpack

Xeno Backpack

An alien child from Mars. No one knows his age but he is cute and comes in two colours, bright orange and purple. But for now we only sell Xeno in purple variants. We hope you enjoy this little bundle of joy as much as I enjoyed creating it. 


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YayaEzzy Plush Toys by June Ramli

I’ve always had this urge to create a picture book since 2013, right after penning my maiden book: “How Millionaires Got Their First Break,” the idea for the second book teaching kids about money management came in a whiplash. But I had a hard time completing the book because I didn’t know where to start. And then I moved countries and joined a picture book writing course at the Australian Writing Center in Sydney. It all came to fruition from thereon. But it really took form in 2018 during a much-needed break I took from full-time employment to carve out my first picture book titled “Yaya, Ezzy and Tante June’s Trip to the Shops.” Although it wasn’t my best work, the illustrations could have been improved in my opinion but have been done and dusted. And then I moved on to three other books, “My Secret Alien Friend,” “LazyBum Skincare” and “Taukeh Leong” which were all published in 2021. The characters from these plush toys are derived from the first and my second book about aliens. We are only selling four characters, for now, the alien child Xeno, the two young kids Yaya and her brother Ezzy and their Tante June. I hope these little plush toys will give you or your children the same joy that it gave me when I was designing them from scratch.



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