By June Ramli

Hello there, sorry for this column’s long absence.
The truth is that I have been working behind the scenes on LazyBum Skincare both the facial and toner, Blitz and the YayaEzzy brand of toys but I thought I would just work in silence for a while before I go on and report about my findings here.
So first thing first, I have decided to rebrand this column from Building a Brand to Selling on Amazon because at the moment this is the only marketplace that I am currently concentrating on.
I am delighted to say that my listings are already live on Amazon Australia but right now I am working on getting it live on the other overseas marketplace within the platform.
This is proving to be another challenge.
If you are thinking of becoming an Amazon seller, know that the journey is hard and arduous as you would face many challenges along the way just to set-up.
Sometimes these challenges puts you off and make you want to stop working on your brand altogether. 
I must admit that I sometimes do fall into this category.
The toughness of setting up on the platform makes me want to procrastinate from working on my brand altogether. 
Most people often tell you that they can make heaps of money selling on Amazon.
All I can say is don’t believe that in totality until you actually see the backend of their platform with their details plastered on it.
At the moment, I have been working extremely hard to get my products into the Amazon marketplaces overseas with the most viable one being the US.
While my overseas marketplaces are live but putting the listings on these platforms is proving to be a great challenge.
To make matters worse, Amazon Australia no longer has a dedicated person who is in charge of the US Global Account expansion for Aussie sellers and as such I have been redirected to use their phone support to Amazon workers based overseas which is good at times but also can prove to be a great bane as some of them often give me conflicting advice.
That’s all for today, till my next update, be good.

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